Student Services

Our Student Support Officer liaises with students on a regular basis. This Officer looks after the College’s student accommodation, permits, liaison with hospital / health clinics and the overall student well-being.


Students have access to an on-line platform which is used to support student-centred teaching and learning. The platform is easy to use and is a valuable learning resource for students throughout their studies.

EBSCO – An On-line Library Database

At Global College Malta, students not only have access to a traditional physical library but can also access EBSCO which is an up-to-date on-line library database which has journals and text books. This facility can also be accessed from home and is extremely user-friendly.


Student induction prepares and supports the student with all the information needed to have a successful start. One will also be introduced to the academic team and support staff.

Our Location & Parking Facilities

Global College Malta is located in the South of the island. Adequate parking facilities are also available for car parking.

Our Facilities

The facilities at Global College Malta are modern and advanced. It is a very comfortable and welcoming environment to learn and study in.


Several restaurants are located within Smart City, offering a range of food and beverages, all overlooking the attractive Laguna walk.


Students can benefit of special discount prices when accessing the new state of the art gym located within the premises of Smart City.

Our Testimonials

My experience at Global College Malta is a very positive one. I find the environment to be very ...

Alice Azzoppardi, BA in Management with Psychology, 32 Current Student

I can confidently say that my experience at Global College Malta was a positive one. Classes are...

Tracy Pulis, MSc in Management with Finance (University of Chester), 34 Alumni

At Global College Malta, I had the opportunity to meet new colleagues, and sharing with them diff...

Nadine Borg, MSc in Management (University of Chester), 40 Alumni

My experience at Global College Malta is an informative and positive one. I chose to do my MBA de...

Matthew Spiteri, MBA (University of Chester), 29 Current Student

I am the only Tunisian student here at Global College Malta and I finis...

Lutfy Drira, Certificate in Management (University of Chester), 38 Alumni

During my time at Global College Malta I have promoted swgcm with various work colleagues and oth...

Louis Mobang, MSc in Management with HRM (University of Chester), 31 Alumni

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