Scholarships and Discounts

Global College Malta is pleased to announce that the following scholarships will be available to students enrolling in 2017.

1) Early Application Discount

  • The following early bird discounts are offered to students who apply early as per the below deadlines:

Instalment Deadline Discount on Tuition Fee
January/February Intake (University of Chester Degrees) 9th December 2016 5%
March Intake (BA Degrees) – EU & International Students only 1st February 2017 5%
September/October Intake Degrees 14th July 2017 5%
  • To avail of this discount, students must apply and pay 10% of their tuition fees as advance payment (non-refundable) against their tuition fee.

  • The Early Application Discount amount will be distributed equally across the instalments as per the instalment plan of the student.

  • Foundation students progressing to undergraduate programmes are not eligible for this discount.

  • Undergraduate students completing their degree and applying for a postgraduate programme in the next immediate intake are eligible to apply for this discount.

  • This discount is applicable for students who have received an Unconditional Offer Letter or a Conditional Offer Letter from swgcm. Students who have received a Conditional Offer Letter must provide the remaining documents to receive an Unconditional Offer Letter from the university before the start of the academic year. In case a student does not meet the conditions required, his/her admission and early application discount both will become void and any tuition fee paid will be refunded back to the student.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, the advance payment of the fees paid is non-refundable if an unconditional offer letter has been issued to the applicant.

2) Friend Referral Discount

  • Students who pay their annual tuition fee in full, will be offered a 3% discount on the net annual fee. This will be offered to those students who accept to pay the 90% of their remaining tuition fee prior to commencement of their programme.

  • To avail this discount, fees must be paid in cash, by current dated cheque, or through bank transfer.

  • A student who first pays 10% of their fees (non-refundable deposit) to confirm their place for the chosen programme, and then decides to pay the tuition fee in full will also be eligible for this discount.

  • The discount will be calculated on the net tuition fee, after deducting any other applicable scholarship(s) or discount(s) received by the student.
    This discount is not applicable for short courses and English language courses.

  • Corporate Discount

  • Groups of students working in the same organization and applying for any of the undergraduate or postgraduate programmes for the same intake will be eligible for the following discount upon enrolment:

Number of Students Discount on Tuition Fee
3 to 4 students 5 or more students
5 % 10 %
  • Students need to submit proof that they are all currently working for the same organization.

  • The discount applies to students from the same company regardless of the country they are employed in.

  • The discount applies to students enrolling in the same intake.

  • The discount will be applied only after the enrollment of the whole group in the relevant intake.

  • This discount is not applicable for short courses and English language courses.

3) Friend Referral Discount

  • Current students and alumni who bring new students will get 3% for EACH referred friend.

  • The “Refer a Friend” programme is open for all currently enrolled students and alumni of swgcm.

  • The incentive will be paid only for students who actually register (including paying the required fees) at swgcm and not for referrals/conditional acceptances/rejections.

  • Anyone participating in this programme should fill in a swgcm Student Enquiry Form in conjunction with the prospective student and deliver it personally, or email to the swgcm Admissions Office.

  • The Student Enquiry Form should bear the date and the signature of the participant; otherwise the participation will not be recognized.

  • The participant should check with Admissions Office if they have received the Student Enquiry Form (in case the form was not delivered in person).

  • The participant should check with Admissions Office if they have received the Student Enquiry Form (in case the form was not delivered in person).

  • Admissions Office will check that the enquiry is indeed new, and monitor the progression of the enquiry through the application to the acceptance and registration stages.

  • The incentive will be paid to the participant after 6 weeks of the student becoming a valid, enrolled student in swgcm.

  • In case of a situation where two or more participants claim an incentive for the same registered student, the earliest date and time on which the Student Enquiry Form was received by the Admissions Office will be considered final and binding regarding the incentive payment.

4) Alumni Scholarship

  • Students who complete a degree with swgcm and enroll for a second degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) with swgcm will receive a 15% discount on the first year tuition fee of the second-degree.

  • Students who complete an English Language course with swgcm and wish to do a degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) with swgcm will receive a 5% discount on the first year tuition fee of their degree.

  • This scholarship is not applicable to students progressing from swgcm Foundation programme to an Undergraduate Degree.

  • This scholarship is offered on published tuition fees to swgcm students that qualify and decide to join one of the swgcm’s degrees in September 2017 intake only.

5) Family Scholarship

  • A family scholarship of 5% will be offered when two or more students from the same immediate family enroll for any foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate programme.

  • Immediate family members include parents, spouse, and siblings.

  • This scholarship will not apply to the first full time enrolled student, but only to the second, third, etc. full time family members.

  • This scholarship will only apply for every year of study if there are two or more active and enrolled family members paying their fees in the same academic year.

  • The scholarship amount will be distributed equally across the instalment payments made by the student.

6) Hardship/ Merit/Sports and Arts Scholarship

  • A scholarship of UP TO 50% will be offered to students who are coming from difficult backgrounds or who have excelled in their previous studies, arts or sports.

  • The percentage of scholarship and the choice of students who merit this scholarship will be determined by the Scholarship Committee. Each case will be assessed individually.

  • This scholarship is applicable for full-time foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students only.

  • When deciding on who would qualify for this scholarship, priority will be given to students with high academic performance.

  • swgcm may not be able to award all deserving cases due to budget restraints.

7) Scholarships General Terms & Conditions

  • Students cannot apply for and receive more than one type of scholarship award. Students however can qualify for more than one discount.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all scholarships except Alumni Scholarship apply to full-time programmes.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all scholarships are to be offered once, for the first year only.

  • Students must apply for scholarships using the scholarship request form and must attach all required supporting documents as mentioned in the scholarship form by the application deadline date.

  • Additional forms and supporting documents may be required to decide on a scholarship/discount request and must be in English (certified translated documents must be provided if the documents are not in English).

  • Scholarships cannot be exchanged for cash or transferred.

  • The College reserves the right to withdraw or amend any scholarship/discount from time to time.

  • The College reserves the right to cancel any award of scholarship/discount if a student is found in breach of any guidelines set by the College or has falsified any information.

  • The decisions made by the College are final and there are no provisions or processes for appeal.

  • All scholarships and discounts are capped with an overall limit and therefore will be awarded on a first come first serve basis

  • Above scholarships and discounts apply to study option at Global College Malta only.

  • Other terms and conditions may apply.

For further details about the terms and conditions, and to apply for one or more of these scholarships, please contact the Admissions Office.

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