My experience at Global College Malta is a very positive one. I find the environment to be very welcoming and inviting; it fosters a sense of focus and inspiration. The staffs are very helpful and supportive from the lecturers to the administration team, everyone is always there happy to help with a ready smile.

I chose Global College Malta because of the following factors:
- Price: Affordable
- Course Duration: Reasonable
- Course Content: Featured Psychology. Psychology part time is out of the question in Malta unless you do it by correspondence over 6 years. Having said that I am not reading a degree in psychology however I get to have a little bit included in my course.

I think that the course I am reading will provide me with the qualification I require to make me eligible for more opportunities. I am sure that it will open up more career paths for me. It is also giving me a great sense of satisfaction and pride, that have been a boost to my confidence so far.

Due to this, I would definitely recommend Global College Malta to others because the college has a positive environment that nurtures every student’s growth.

Alice Azzoppardi, BA in Management with Psychology, 32 Current Student

I can confidently say that my experience at Global College Malta was a positive one. Classes are small in number thus enabling both lecturers and students to bond and get to know each other better. Lectures were based on both theoretical and practical examples whereby students were given the opportunity to share and discuss their actual life experiences related to the topics. Furthermore, at Global College, the student is not simply a number but an individual person. In fact one feels as he or she is part of a family were everyone supports each other.

I was already in the post I'm currently holding, Manager (Accounting and Finance). My work is practically based on analysis and reviews of financial aspects. Thus, my course, which specialised in the Financial area, helped me to understand what are the most important aspects one has to focus on when analysing the Financial Statements and to recommend the best way forward.

I certainly recommend Global College Malta to others, especially those you wish to widen their knowledge/studies, but have a very hectic and busy life. The course is an intensive one and based on a short interval of 18 months. The lectures at Global College Malta are given by professional tutors who are always ready to mentor and coach the student to achieve one's best. Global College Malta’s administration and all staff are of great help, guidance and assistance. They literally make one feel at home. Furthermore, one should not ignore the fact that lectures are held in one of the most modern and innovative ambiance in Malta, SmartCity.

Tracy Pulis, MSc in Management with Finance (University of Chester), 34 Alumni

At Global College Malta, I had the opportunity to meet new colleagues, and sharing with them different experiences.  Furthermore, the fact that we could meet twice a week for lectures helped me remain focused on my studies. 
Now that I have finished the course and graduated I am glad to say that I furthered my education as it has always been my wish to obtain an MSc and I am happily working as an HR Manager in a large company locally.
Global College Malta offers a positive atmosphere and for this reason I would recommend the college to anyone who wants to further their studies and has the self discipline to self study whilst also enjoys the interaction with tutors and colleagues in class. Personally, I truly enjoyed sharing ideas and opinions in class.

Nadine Borg, MSc in Management (University of Chester), 40 Alumni

My experience at Global College Malta is an informative and positive one. I chose to do my MBA degree at this college because it was recommended to me and I knew that I would be able to do this course in an efficient and timely manner. I believe that this MBA will build onto my knowledge as an engineer in both management and finance.
I would recommend Global College Malta to anyone since it offers accredited courses whilst the staff is very approachable.

Matthew Spiteri, MBA (University of Chester), 29 Current Student

I am the only Tunisian student here at Global College Malta and I finishing off my Master in HRM soon.
When my adventure started, things were not simple for me. In fact, it was a huge challenge for a special needs person like myself but slowly I got used to the place and this was only possible thanks to the assistance of the amazing and very helpful staff. This surprised me quite a lot and I appreciate all the effort and help that was given to me.
The academic staff, are really great people, and they treat their students as friends but with a lot of mutual respect. The atmosphere in which we study is outstanding and it pushes students to do their best without even realising it. All these things were new to me because in my country we are not used to such relationships between tutors and students.
The turning point for me here in Malta was when The Bardo Museum was attacked, and from that moment onwards I understood that the Maltese and Tunisian people are real friends. The staff has supported me until I overcame the situation.
Global College Malta also offers English Language courses to all students around Europe and the world at a very reasonable price. Due to this, I met a lot of different people who came to Global College Malta to learn English and it was a good opportunity for me to get to know people from different countries and cultures who were here thanks to the ERASMUS PROGRAM. I can truely say that from each and every one of them I have learnt something new. I hope that one day I will get the opportunity to meet them all again even though I know that it is difficult…but who knows maybe.
I will never forget Global College Malta because it helped me to become a better man. In fact, if I get to be a manager in the near future (xallah) I will owe 99.9% of it to swgcm because thanks to them I have reached a level of thinking that I never thought it was possible for someone like me. They have also helped me grow personally and I have now become much more independent in my day-to-day life (except for the car).
I will never forget swgcm because it is a place where you can be taking an exam and looking at the sea at the same time (stress and relaxation all at once) surrounded by a great infrastructure. I think that swgcm is the only University where the staff invites you to go to places like CAFE DEL MAR or the WINE FESTIVAL to make sure that you are adopting a balance between fun and study.
Of course, swgcm staff members and students are at the beginning of their journey as someone once said to me. The College is young but trust me, with time, swgcm will be one of the most well-known Universities in the Mediterranean.
Finally, DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT MAKES swgcm UNIQUE? Well, it is not the infrastructure, nor the location but THE PEOPLE, and their kindness. I AM AND ALWAYS WILL BE GLAD OF HAVING TAKEN PART IN SUCH GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Lutfy Drira, Certificate in MSc in Management (University of Chester), 38
(This testimonial was given after Mr Drira left the college to go back home after finishing his studies.)

Last October I celebrated my Graduation, together with my parents at a Hotel in Sliema. Coming to Global College Malta and being a University of Chester student was the last step in my academic life. The diploma that I have received is the certificate that culminates the hard work of 16 months.
I have since then started a new life where I am employed at the American Embassy in Tunisia. The selection process for this job was hard and long but thanks to the course at Global College Malta I was the one selected. From the course at Global College Malta I obtained the necessary tools to tackle my future and even though the journey was tough and not paved in gold, I faced all challenges and become a stronger person all thanks to the staff at Global College Malta.
Finally I would like to mention and thank the people who made my journey a unique and memorable one. I appreciate how much was done with us students especially with someone like myself with a slight physical disability. Due to this I encourage others to come to Global College Malta becuase this institution does not only offer exceptional education for life but it also offers a family- like structure where by you meet great people who will positively influence your life.

Lutfy Drira, Certificate in Management (University of Chester), 38 Alumni

During my time at Global College Malta I have promoted swgcm with various work colleagues and other friends. I believe that Global College Malta is giving people like myself, who work and have a busy lifestyle an opportunity that cannot be missed.

I have worked as an accountant for two years and later as a banker for another four years. I have always wanted a great college for my Masters degree and the choice of Global College Malta was just perfect in terms of quality and cost. Global College Malta was offering a with a Masters degree from the reputable University of Chester. My Masters degree in Management and HR has been a life changing experience for me since I have learnt from experienced lecturers, in an excellent learning environment. I can better understand business and its mechanisms. I feel motivated, as I know that I have learnt the qualities and tools required to be a better manager and an entrepreneur. I equally had the opportunity to meet students from different countries and cultures, which was an amazing experience to see life from different perspectives and creating great relationships. Malta is also a beautiful country with great touristic sites and the campus is also situated at SmartCity Malta a location with the beautiful scenery. I am proud of choosing Global College Malta.

Louis Mobang, MSc in Management with HRM (University of Chester), 31 Alumni

My experience at Global College Malta is very positive; the environment is quite warm and welcoming. The tutors are very practical in their approach and for the second year around both my tutors deliver their respective courses to my satisfaction in an understandable manner that we can grasp and enhance our knowledge further.
I have chosen Global College Malta initially because it offers unique opportunities in Malta. I had been searching for this degree for some years and only through swgcm I was able to find it at an affordable budget. The length of the course is also of great benefit.
Through this course I am planning to better my portfolio as a professional. I am a highly experienced individual and I believe that this degree will help me further advance in my career.

Simon Caruana, BA in Management Top Up, 47 Current Student

The MBA course that I am reading for has given me a fresh outlook not only about particular subjects but also about the whole business world from an academic and practical point of view. I would say that my targets in life and mind-set have changed through the course.

I was taught that nothing is impossible if you work hard enough to achieve it. Meeting friends from different cultures and nations, attending interesting lectures and being welcomed by warm staff has helped me believe that this statement is true and this has developed my further.

Personally, I believe that being a student at Global College Malta is a great pleasure.

I have chosen Global College Malta (and the University of Chester programme in Malta) because it was the best deal in Europe in relation to quality of education and finances. I am planning that through this course I will strengthen my knowledge in the subject and work whole-heartedly in achieving my personal goals.
Of course, I would recommend this college to anyone since it is affordable and of very high quality.

Taras Provorov, MBA (University of Chester), 22 Current Student

Global College Malta has been a great experience for me from the very beginning. In fact, I decided to come to Malta and study at this particular college when I met the recruiter online. She was helpful and kind and she always answered all my questions, which encouraged me to take this next step. Then when I did come to Malta I met the staff, more precisely the student support officer who we, foreign students, consider as being our “Maltese Mother”. She takes care of us and supports us on a daily basis. All the staff at Global College is very friendly and here in Malta, I have found a family away from home.

On the other hand, I have chosen to take up the Foundation Course in Management with IELTS English because I wanted to broaden my horizons and improve my English Language. I come from Japan, where not all people speak English. At Global College Malta, I can learn to speak English well whilst also learn skills and tools in Management. Through this course, I am in fact aspiring to find a very good job back home.

Going back to the atmosphere at Global College Malta, I would definitely recommend Global College Malta since everyone is very kind and you will always find someone to help you in time of need.

Shun Yoshimura, Foundation Course in Management, 26 Current Student

I am currently reading for the Foundation Course in Management at Global College Malta. It has been a good ride so far and the experience is a good one. I enjoy coming to Global College Malta, primarily because I am given a lot of individual attention and that is precisely why I chose this institution in the first place. Furthermore, the college provides a quiet place for me to study and focus. I am also happy that the lesson content is provided to us, students online via Moodle as I feel that I can focus more on what the lecturer is saying as opposed to writing and taking notes at all times.

The course that I am reading is offered in the morning and I have the chance of meeting the staff on a daily basis. The staffs are friendly and always ready to lend a helping hand when necessary.

The reason why I chose to do the course that I have chosen is because my lifelong dream is to open my very own cafeteria. My family is very supportive and they are helping me a lot in reaching my dream, however, I also felt the need to study management so that in the future I will be able to manage my team and the business. My aim is to then grow this business into a successful one, one that all Malta knows about!

Due to all the reasons above, I would suggest Global College Malta to anyone looking to further their studies.

Jacob Cachia, Foundation Course in Management, 19 Current Student