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The 1+3 Year UG Pathway in Interior & Spatial Design explores the interior built environment through the lens of human habitation of spaces. After a year of basic design exploration in Foundation, the pathway begins with the exploration of the human body and how it occupies and moves within its spatial surroundings. We then investigate the increasingly complex interactions between people and their cultures, emotions, and activities through various social functions of living, working, resting, and playing. The approach integrates technical, functional, theoretical, materials, aesthetics, and creative processes of design, with a strong emphasis on critical thinking, independent learning, and social/ecological consciousness. After a basic exposure to the fundamental history and theory of interior design and through design studio projects, students take advantage of a flexible elective curriculum that covers typologies across residential, commercial, and institutional spaces. The emphasis of the course is to provide a graduate learning pathway through distinct levels of subject competencies and differentiated areas of in depth learning in the field of Interior and Spatial Design.

Learning Methodology

Our course lays strong foundation for development of design aesthetics, design articulation, conceptualization, research and individual expression and display of creativity. The students will be given educational options and be provided opportunities for self-study, online learning (e-learning) and individual research as well as options for related and advanced study outside the classroom. The level will be concluded with a final project in which their knowledge and skills will culminate in an independent, creative and innovative exploration of scale and scope.

Students will learn through:

  • Classroom lectures.
  • Project briefings
  • Demonstrations.
  • Presentations.
  • Research.
  • Studio workshops.
  • Tutorials.
  • Audio visual references.
  • Educational excursions.
  • Peer evaluations.

Assessment criteria

The student’s work will be evaluated with comparatives with their specified learning outcomes of their respect modules, mentioned in the student’s hand book. Assessment mainly will be conducted on the parameters such as final portfolio, final display and visual and verbal presentation and reflective learning journal. The evaluation may be conducted by a panel of internal and external jury members and examination.


Higher secondary graduation certification from any recognized board or university, in any discipline.

Careers and employability

Considering the high ambition bars set up by the new generation, we have devised our course in a manner where we ensure skill development and employability. We aredeveloping an “incubation centre” which will share its resources with the students for 12 months after they graduate, to help them to establish their position in the market. The Placement and corporate relations cell would hold the responsibility for the placement of the students in relevant opportunities in the industry. Mentoring and guidance by the Faculty will enlighten students about the emerging opportunities in the Industry. The School will organise several industry interactions with Industry leaders and field visits for exposure in the Industry.

After the completion of the course the student will have opportunities of work such as:

  • Interior designer.
  • Spacial Design & Planning
  • Interior merchandiser.
  • Interior stylist.
  • Interior decorators.
  • Exhibition designers.
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