Study World’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative “Hope for Tomorrow” was started in 2013 with the aim of conducting philanthropic activities. Deserving and genuine needy individuals are supported through this initiative, once every 3 months.

Some of the beneficiaries who were supported through “Hope for Tomorrow” include:

Beneficiary Name Nationality Date Support
Mr.Pradeep Indian December-17 He is a housekeeping staff with low income & had a cerebral hemorrhage
Mrs.Sally Correa  Indian September-17 Her baby is suffering from Bronchopulmonary dysplasia(BPD).
Rekha Indian March-17 A young lady who is diagnosed with cancer,Her husband is a painter with low income job,She has 2 kids,They also need to take care of their aged mother & mentally retarded sister.
Shehna Indian December-16 5 year old girl was diagnosed with cancer & had undergone 6 surgeries on her right leg. Radiation & chemotherapy was done about 20 times at this very young age.
Ashfaq Pakistan September-16 Father who is struggling with outstanding hospital bill following the birth of their premature twin boys.
“Reading Nation”, an educational campaign UAE June-16 Part of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives, an educational campaign in Ramadan 2016 which aims to distribute ‪5MillionBooks to children in refugee camps and schools in need around the world.
Lensy Indian March-16 Support Indian lady who had surgery & younger son with cerebral palsy & disabled legs
Ras Nungwi – Zanzibar School Tanzania December-15 Support underprivileged children by supplying educational equipments
Mr.Peter Indian September-15 a five year old boy who is in need of a bone-marrow transplant due to leukemia
Ms.Shalini Indian June-15 a seventeen -year-old girl who works as a domestic help and has scored 84 per cent in the 12th board exams. Shalini achieved this feat while taking care of her family, her disabled father and brother who is suffering from cancer
Mr. Anub Indian March-15 Medical and financial support for stage 4 cancer patient
Gift of Love in a Shoe Box campaign Kenya December-14 Christmas charity drive with toys, office supplies etc. for orphaned children in Nairobi, Kenya
Dress the Needy campaign Syrian Refugee camps October-14 Contributed clothes to Syrian refugee camps:- 107 gents, 231 ladies, 116 kids, 396 bed sheets and 35 duvet blanket covers.
3 month boy Abel India September-14 Medical and financial support for 6 surgeries for baby born without palms in both hands and toe on right foot
Iftar packets in labour camps UAE July-14 143 iftar packets distributed in labour camps during Ramadan
Newborn boy Thumira Srilanka June-14 Medical and financial support for high hospital bills as baby born prematurely and parents unable to pay
Mr.Kenwal Indian March-14 Medical and financial support for security staff, working in Dubai, UAE who was paralyzed from neck down
Mr.Ismail Indian December-13 Medical and financial support for fisherman working in Umm Al Qwain, UAE who was paralyzed due to a boat accident
Dress the Needy campaign Orphanage and homes for blind in India October-13 Contributed clothes to orphanage and homes for blind in North West India:- 134 gents, 82 ladies, 178 kids
Mr.NelsonPachirera Zimbabwe September-13 Medical and financial support for multiple myeloma – bone marrow transplant
Iftar packets in labour camps UAE August-13 143 iftar packets distributed in labour camps during Ramadan
Mrs.Nagur  Yaseen Srilanka May-13 Medical and financial support for heart surgery – widow & mother of 3 kids
Mr.Harikrishnan Indian January-13 Medical and financial support for heart surgery